I’m a anonymous anti-war artist. I live somewhere on this planet, I don’t belong to a certain nationality because I don’t believe in geographical borders.

I got the idea of this project when I saw how ignorant people are towards the wars happening around the world, and how they just watched and never reacted like if this doesn’t even concern them, just like they are just watching a movie or scenes being acted on television. All this is only because it is not happening in their countries, because the dead people are not their families, because the destroyed houses are not theirs, because the women raped are not their wives, simply because they are just not living there. It was necessary that I bring war into their lives through creating accurately and realistically high images using photo-montage. It was to help people see their own cities in a state of war and destruction, to help them imagine how bad it is and to make him feel it, hoping that these photos would help those people interact with what is going on of violations against humanity.

I don’t belong to any political party and I believe that politics is the reason of every single war in the world and the reason of its continuity. This project is continuing and there will be other projects as well using different artistic techniques about other subjects related to war.

Contact : daaliarts@gmail.com

twitter : DAALIantiwar

Facebook : DAALI antiwar artist